Why choose us to help settle your case?

1Happy Clients–  By ensuring that your client understands and is fully educated regarding ALL of their financial options for their hard fought settlement and that their attorney CARES about what happens to them after the settlement by engaging us, we INCREASES CLIENT SATISFACTION and in turn NEW CLIENT REFERRALS.

2Settle More Cases & Save Time–  By helping your clients focus on the achievement of their financial goals using a PLAN instead of simply a number we are able to help you settle more cases.   By completely handling all the financial planning aspects of your case for your clients we SAVE YOU TIME so you can focus on your NEXT FILE!

3Part of Your Negotiation Team – We have assisted in hundreds of successful negotiated settlements over ten years and have significant experience in enhanced negotiation techniques and strategies.

4Always There – We are available to your clients for their service needs long after the case is over so you do not have to spend your valuable time on these issues.

5Security and safety – We represent you and ensure that all of the tax, regulatory and documentation requirements pertaining to a structured settlement are correct.  

6Full Service Financial Planner– We are a FULL SERVICE CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING ™ firm that has been assisting clients with the actual IMPLEMENTATION of their financial plans for over 15 YEARS and NOT just another Structured Settlement Annuity BROKER. This allows us to provide you and your client with the best and most unbiased advice there is!

7 Investment & Commitment – We invest in your success through CONTRIBUTIONS to your ASSOCIATION FOR JUSTICE organizations and the investment of a portion of all our structured settlement compensation to the development of leading edge products and services dedicated to helping you.