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Don’t just take our word for it ask our clients and your colleagues!

White House Financial has been an invaluable resource for my clients. Cyril and his staff take all the guesswork out of navigating complex financial transactions and their service goes above and beyond. They are the ONLY team I refer my colleagues to.

- Catherine G.

I’ll definitely recommend your consulting services to other attorneys.

- Janet A.

White House Financial is excellent.

- Barry A.

I just resolved a structured settlement last week using White House Financial. It was the first time I’ve used them, and I would use them again. Very knowledgeable, professional, prompt, return calls, etc…….I would recommend them.

- David A.

I am using White House Financial right now on a med mal case. Very good! Clients are very impressed and so am I.

- Michael M.

I use White House Financial for my structured settlement needs. They are an avid MTLA supporter and approved exhibitors at many of our seminars. They work hard to get the best deal with the best insurer for your client. They are usually paid out of the annuity commission, rather than by your client. It’s a win-win deal for you and your client. The team at White House Financial are very bright, personable, honest, knowledgeable and hard-working. I heartily recommend this firm. I use them exclusively, as do many other executive board members.

- Mark S.

Thank you so much. Your professionalism and courtesy are the most valued gift!

- Michael H.

White House Financial supports our clients and out cause, and exhibits with MTLA all the time. They can be your advocate in reviewing someone else’s structure too, and it will not cost you or your client a dime. No reason whatsoever to not call them.

- Carol K.

Thanks again, for your prompt and courteous assistance. I don’t do a ton of this work, but I do run in circles of attorneys and clients touched by this type of situation and I will refer all situations I come across to White House Financial. Outstanding service.

- John W.

White House Financial is excellent. Several of our members have recommended them.

- Fred B.

We use White House Financial who are just terrific!

- Peter D.

…I also thought that you might want to let the guy, I think his name was Cyril?, that was so nice but I know that I was scared of him and didn't really talk to him all that much just because of everything going on; I thought you  might want to let him know that she was so very very impressed with the work that he helped you with too! Just thought you might want to know. Thanks! :)

- Jennifer