Michigan Structured Settlement

At White House Financial & Settlement Consulting we use a clear and thorough process to help you reach your financial goals.

Michigan Structured Settlement

Our process includes these essential steps:

LEARN: First, we hold an informal initial meeting to learn your goals and objectives and explore how we may best serve you. This meeting involves no cost or obligation.

EXPLORE: At our second meeting we will work with you to carry out a full and thorough assessment of your current financial situation. We will also carefully explore with you your short- and long-term objectives and the amount of risk you are willing to take to achieve your goals.

PLAN: Following the second meeting, we craft a financial and investment strategy that is tailored to you and your needs and includes sufficient detail to be implemented with or without our firm.

Prior to finalizing your plan, we present you with a draft for your comments and approval in principle.

At a third meeting we review your financial and investment strategy with you.

IMPLEMENT: Should you decide to implement your financial strategy with our firm, we will implement the portions of the strategy you approve using the appropriate products and services.

MONITOR & ADJUST: Should you decide to implement your financial strategy with our firm, we will regularly monitor and adjust the strategy and communicate its progress, which you can also monitor at anytime using our online client portal.

COMMUNICATE: Regularly communicate and meet with you to review your plan’s progress towards the achievement of your goals.