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Financial Planner Ann Arbor

Financial Planner Ann Arbor - Let Us Be Your Guide on the Trail to Retirement.

You lead a very busy life. You work and manage a household and we’re guessing you probably don’t have time to research your 401(k) plans, let alone think about retirement. You seek a Financial Planner Ann Arbor who can help make retirement planning easier. White House Financial & Investment Solutions can alleviate the confusion and stress you may be feeling. We’ll do all the hard work so you can focus on enjoying what you love!

Financial Planner Ann Arbor - Some Paths are Rocky and Full of Obstacles.

As a small firm Ann Arbor financial planner, we get to know you so we have a better understanding of your short and long term goals. If you are planning for big expenses like college, or thinking of buying that vacation home, we’ll chart an individualized, comprehensive plan that helps get you closer to the elimination of your debt, stress and worry.

Financial Planner Ann Arbor - We’re Your Compass.

White House Financial & Investment Solution’s Financial Planner Ann Arbor Staff will continually educate you on your plan and how it best fits your needs. Whether you wish to be heavily involved in choosing investment options or prefer to just give us guidelines, we’ll adapt to whatever level of engagement makes the most sense for you. Most importantly, we’re available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your plan.

Financial Planner Ann Arbor - Take More Pleasure in the Sunset Years of Your Life.

Why are we in this business? It is our passion! It’s not just a job for us. We strive to help people live a life free from financial stress. Money causes worry, which may cause stress, arguments, and many other unnecessary problems. White House Financial & Investment Solutions eliminates the worry by assisting you with making sound, educated financial plans.

It only takes one step to get our help as your Financial Planner Ann Arbor.

Give us a call at 734-433-1670 or email us at to begin your journey. You will be so glad that you did.

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