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Investment Management for the Savvy Ann Arbor Resident

People move to Ann Arbor for many different reasons — the hip urban lifestyle, the academic and cultural abundance, the restaurants, the proximity to Michigan’s natural beauty — and many of us are truly delighted to call this our home. We probably don’t move to Ann Arbor just because there are great opportunities for investment management just around the corner, but let’s face it, enjoying an abundant lifestyle can be expensive, and if you’re like us you want to maximize your opportunity to enjoy the finer things in life. So it’s comforting to know that a few minutes drive from downtown Ann Arbor you can find an outstanding resource for the management of your investments — and people there who are truly happy to serve you!

Ann Arbor Occupancy Rates — An Opportunity for Your Investment Manager?

Speaking of the hip, urban lifestyle, we’ve noticed that the recent boom in the construction of luxury apartments in Ann Arbor hasn’t seemed to hurt the high occupancy rates in town at all. We think what might be behind this is the continued trend of both students and working people to come to Ann Arbor to begin the journey toward fulfilling their dreams. Since Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas (such as Chelsea, Dexter, Saline, and Barton Hills) are among the most affluent locales in Michigan — and least affected by economic woes — they’re delightful places for us to be practicing investment management. We get to meet interesting people like you, people who have a clear vision of what they want, people who are educated, well-traveled, and civic-minded, and we get to help you move toward success — in whatever form that may take for you.

A Global Understanding of Investment Management with a Strong Local Flavor

Really outstanding investment management — whether for the savvy Ann Arbor investor or anybody else — requires a global view. Your financial advisor should have a clear picture of your resources, your needs, and your long term wishes. Moreover, he or she should understand more than the latest numbers on Wall Street. That’s why we think a commitment to a local economy and lifestyle can only help your advisor deliver better advice and more opportunity for you.

Investment Management with a Personal Touch

We’d be delighted to discuss your specific investment management needs. We’re passionate about our work and the opportunities it affords us to work with wonderful people. We’re also passionate about investment management because of the opportunities it provides for our own education, advancement, and personal growth. If you live in the greater Ann Arbor area — or if you’re considering moving here — give us a call. We’d like to hear what you like about this region and where you’d like to be — financially speaking — when you reach your goals.

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