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Article Bull And Balancing

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The Bull Financial news often refer to a “bull market” (when the market is doing well) or a “bear market” (when the market is doing...not so well). These terms may have originated from the animals’ styles of attack. A bearmauls (downward movement), while a bull thrusts itshorns (upward movement).
Whether you’re reading news about a bull market or abear market, always be mindful of the source. There aremany financial wizards out there who are ready topromise you 20% returns, so it’s best to always check thecredentials and reliability of a financial professional orinformation source. Your trusted investment advisor can help guide you toward the best sources of market news.

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… and the Balancing Act Rebalancing your investment portfolio is crucial tomaintaining the proper risk profile and asset classmix while reaping the benefits of diversification.Since investors cannot be sure which asset class willdominate the markets at any given point in time,it is advisable to maintain an asset allocation thatis appropriate for you. Investors may tend to avoidrebalancing because it involves buying losers andselling winners, but what they don’t realize is thatthey’re buying low and selling high—definitely agood position in investing.

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