Your Financial Options

When you settle your personal physical injury or sickness lawsuit, you have many financial options for your settlement funds.  A list of general option categories is listed below.  You may use any one of these options or a combination of options.  For legal or tax advice you should always consultant a legal or tax advisor.

Option A: Lump Sum
Receive a single lump sum of cash tax-free and invest it in taxable financial products. 

Option B: Structured Settlement
Settle with a tax-free structured settlement annuity that pays you over time.

Option C: Trust
Establish a professional managed trust.  This is especially helpful for special or supplemental needs claimants.

Option D: Combination
Select any combination of the first three options.  For example, your structured settlement could provide some up-front cash in addition to periodic payments.  You may also decide to fund a special needs trust with a structured settlement.

Our firm is completely unique in our industry in that we can assist you with not only the planning but ALSO the implementation and future management of ANY and ALL of the above settlement options and NOT simply the structured settlement annuity option.

With these financial options, you have a new opportunity to regain financial control of your life.  You know you can design a plan to meet your needs today but what about tomorrow?  A White House Financial Consultant can visit with you to help set up a plan that is tailored to your future financial goals.  To keep up with inflation, we can even add a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) to increase your payments on a scheduled basis.  This is just one of the many ways our Settlement Consultants can help you create a plan specifically for you.  For more information, please contact us!